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Easily consolidate your pensions into one simpler and greener plan, with a trusted provider. Gain full transparency over your pension and environmental impact.

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Tell us about your pension history and we'll transfer everything over automatically.

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Choose from a number of our green pension plans, without the comprimise.

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Have full transparency into what companies are in your portfolio and what positive impact they are having.

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Maintain full control over your pension, switch plans & top up when you want.

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Greening your pension is 21x more effective at reducing your carbon footprint than giving up flying, going veggie and switching energy provider combined.

What are green pensions?

The typical UK pension fund has up to 1/3 of its investments in companies that harm people and the planet (research from The Path).

A green or ethical pension does the opposite, excluding fossil fuel, weapons, tobacco and other bad actors; instead investing heavily in companies that are aligned with the Paris Agreement’s vision for a greener future.

New research from Make My Money Matter, Aviva and Route2 estimates green pensions are nearly 57 times more effective at cutting emissions than adopting a vegan diet.

Biome lets you easily transfer your current and old pensions into one place, gives you a choice of green pension strategies, and gives you regular updates on the positive impact that you are making.

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