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25 Products to Help You Make Less Waste in 2022

In our last blog post about creative efforts that are tackling ocean pollution, we explained how the most effective way you can keep our oceans clean is to do your very best to avoid producing plastic waste on land. In order to help you to this end, we have compiled a list of 25 products that will help you significantly reduce your single-use waste this year. Almost all of these products have been personally tested by Jordan, the editor of this blog and an environmental advocate, and come with her independent recommendation.

Category 1: The Kitchen

  1. Venus Induction Stove-top Coffee Maker by Bialetti @bialetti + Plastic Free Ground Coffee by Percol @percol_coffee This handy little coffee maker comes in three sizes and makes a gorgeous cup of coffee without the waste. Once cooled, simply tip the used grounds into your compost caddy (or upcycle them in a variety of creative ways). Take your sustainability a step further by brewing Percol’s plastic free ground coffee. It is fairtrade, roasted in the UK, and comes in home compostable packaging (be sure to cut the packaging into tiny pieces to ensure it is not mistaken for plastic during sorting!). Buy a Bialetti from John Lewis & Partners Buy Percol Coffee from Ethical Superstore
  2. Organic Marseille Soap Bar – 300g by Eco Living @ecolivinguk Purpose-made solid dish soaps seem to cost an arm and a leg, but the French have a trick up their sleeves–Marseille Soap or “Savon de Marseille.” This 300g block can last two people up to 5 months and only costs £5.65. That’s just under four pence per day for sparkling dishes without the plastic! Buy from Peace With The Wild
  3. Ecoleaf Dishwasher Tablets by Suma @sumawholefoods Available in a box of 25 or 70, these tablets are not individually wrapped in plastic that cannot be recycled like most supermarket brands. Instead, they have a dissolvable wrapper made from biodegradable plant derived ingredients, and built-in rinse-aid meaning one less thing to buy. Buy from Ethical Superstore
  4. Coconut Scourer - Twin Pack by EcoCoconut + Compostable Dish Sponge - Pack of 2 by Eco Living @ecolivinguk For washing up that must be done by hand, these two products will replace your typical plastic sponge. Bonus points for the sponges as they are made in the UK and are home compostable (we recommend cutting them up into tiny pieces to ensure they get composted and are not mistaken for plastic during sorting). Buy both the scourers and sponges from Ethical Superstore
  5. Organic Cotton Dish Towels by Zero Waste Club @zerowasteclub While this brand has not been tested personally, having a good set (or two!) of cotton dish towels is essential in the kitchen, and replaces unsustainable paper kitchen roll. They can be used for everything from drying hands to cleaning up spills, and look fab when nonchalantly draped over the shoulder like so (thank you, Antoni). Buy from Peace With The Wild

Photo: Vita Coco

Category 2: The Bathroom

  1. Eco-Friendly Toilet Cleaning Bombs by bide @bideplanet Just like a bath bomb but for your toilet, bide Toilet Cleaning Bombs leave your loo fresh-smelling and germ-free sans plastique. What's more, bide partners with charities to create employment opportunities for women with convictions, refugees, and people experiencing homelessness, providing remote training and support to make their cleaning products. Buy from bide
  2. 100% Recycled Toilet Paper by Zero Waste Club @zerowasteclub We didn’t realise there could be so much to love about toilet roll ❤️ This toilet paper from Zero Waste Club is recycled not harvested, greatly reducing pollution, habitat loss, and deforestation. It comes as naked as you are (in the loo, of course!). It’s ethically manufactured in China in a factory where workers earn 1.75x the minimum wage. And, it creates demand for waste paper, increasing recycling rates. Buy from Peace With The Wild
  3. Solid Soap Bars - 100g by Faith in Nature @faithinnature_uk These solid soap bars are vegan, long-lasting, and made in the UK. There are tons of delightful scents to choose from, too. Jordan recommends Dragon Fruit and Coconut. Buy from Holland & Barret
  4. Recycled Plastic Soap Dish by Relic @relicplastic Ironically for a post about reducing plastic, the best soap dish available may be made of plastic! Cheap, bamboo soap dishes may seem more "sustainable". In reality, they are prone to mould and discoloration, meaning they need to be replaced sooner than plastic. And while bamboo is a renewable resource, it's grown far from home, meaning high shipping emissions. Relic’s soap dishes are handmade in Lancaster from already circulating plastic such as bottle tops, hangers, and broken Tupperware lids. And because Relic products are made of 100% Polypropylene, they can be infinitely melted down and remade into new products. Buy from Relic
  5. Hand & Body Wash With Lemongrass & Kiwi Water by UpCircle @upcirclebeauty Solid soap not your thing? Plastic-free liquid soap alternatives exist! This Hand & Body Wash from byproduct beauty veterans UpCircle is made with the residual water of kiwi fruit, a byproduct of the juicing industry. When you’re all out, you can reorder a bottle without the pump. Buy from UpCircle

Category 3: The Home

  1. Eco-strips Laundry Detergent by TruEarth @truearthmovement These powerful little strips pack a solid cleaning punch, all while helping keep 700,000,000 plastic jugs out of landfills per year. Simply tear off a pre-measured strip, pop it in the wash with your clothes, and be on your way. Buy from TruEarth
  2. Paris Salt & Pepper Mills by Peugeot @peugeot_saveurs_uk The Ferrari of salt and pepper mills…from Peugeot (don’t worry—we didn’t know the iconic French car brand made kitchenware either). Well-constructed from durable materials, these will replace the wasteful, disposable plastic ones from the supermarket. Worth every penny. Buy Paris Salt & Paris Pepper Mills from Buy Me Once
  3. 10" Soft Coco Broom Sweeping Brush and Wooden Handle by The Dustpan & Brush Store @the_dustpan_and_brush_store Turns out finding a plastic free broom and dustpan is a challenge these days. Enter The Dustpan & Brush Store, which sells a variety of wooden and coconut bristle brooms and solid metal dustpans. Stylish and rustic, you may not even want to hide them away in the cupboard. Buy from The Dustpan & Brush Store
  4. Sarson's Distilled Malt Vinegar @sarsonsuk + Dri Pak Bicarbonate of Soda @traditionalcleaning Vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda are essential when it comes to eliminating the various bottles of chemical-laden, plastic-packaged cleaning products around your home. Sarson’s brand white vinegar comes in a glass bottle, and Dri Pak Bicarbonate of Soda is packaged in a cardboard box with no plastic liner. Pro tip: upcycle an empty cleaning spray bottle to decant your vinegar into (just be sure it didn’t contain anything harmful in it before, like bleach, and give it a good wash before reuse). Buy Sarson’s White Vinegar from a variety of retailers and Dri Pak Bicarbonate of Soda from Peace With the Wild
  1. Espresso Martini Soy Wax Candle by UpCircle @upcirclebeauty This candle is made with upcycled used coffee grounds that would otherwise have gone to waste, and will literally make your house smell like your favourite café. Bonus points, as the glass jar can be recycled after you’ve enjoyed your candle to the bitter end. Buy from UpCircle

Category 4: Personal Care

  1. Botanic Bliss Organic Vegan Body & Hand Cream by Beauty Kitchen @beautykitchen This gently scented hand and body cream is a must have for dry skin. It is fast-absorbing, vegan, and you can send back all Beauty Kitchen packaging by post to be washed and reused. Buy from Ethical Superstore
  2. DE Safety Razor 23C by Merkur @merkur_razors If there is one sustainable product you try in 2022, make it a safety razor. It’s how your grandad shaved before the arrival of flimsy plastic razors and a marketing exec dreamed up the pink tax. Be prepared to save a boatload of money while getting a way closer shave. Buy from The English Shaving Co.
  3. Gentle Deodorant Cream - Tangerine by Natural Deodorant Co @naturaldeoco This cream deodorant smells like cutting open a fresh orange. While the price tag may be a bit of a shock at first, the jar can last quite some time depending on your use. That said, a pea-sized amount is all it takes to banish BO. The “Gentle” variety does not contain baking soda, helpful for those with sensitive skin. Buy from Ethical Superstore
  4. The Sustainables Intense Moisture Shampoo Bar by Beauty Kitchen @beautykitchen As anyone who’s tested solid haircare products will tell you, not all shampoos bars are created equal. This one from Beauty Kitchen, however, will give you a great lather and leave your hair moisturised and buildup-free. Bonus points for being made in the UK. Buy from Ethical Superstore
  5. Mouthwash Tablets – Charcoal by Georganics @georganics When you realise those garlic fries were maybe not the best idea after all, don’t bring home a massive plastic jug of mouthwash that will take up loads of space for months on end. The geniuses over at Georganics have condensed all the good stuff and none of the nasties into a tiny tablet in three flavours (Jordan loves Charcoal). Simply pop the tablet into some lukewarm water, watch it fizz, and swish to your heart’s content! And when you run out, you can purchase a box of refills to top up the jar from your first order. Buy from Ethical Superstore

Category: On-The-Go

  1. Bamboo Fibre Reusable Coffee Cup by POLŪ @poluecoproducts Make this your mantra for 2022: “no cup, no coffee.” It will help you remember to bring your reusable cup from POLŪ along with you on your adventures. BPA-free, lightweight, and dishwasher safe, putting an end to your throwaway coffee cup habit has never been simpler. Plus, 50p from each purchase is donated to AccesSurf. Buy from POLŪ
  2. A Reusable Water Bottle While you may think reusable water bottles are a bit of a no-brainer in 2022, it is estimated that an average of 35.8 million plastic bottles are used EVERY DAY in the UK (Recycle Now). Today, you can find reusable bottles made from all kinds of materials to suit any taste. We recommend something that is 100% dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Try this one from Ocean Bottle - @oceanbottle
  3. A Reusable Lunch Box Packing a lunch is a win on all fronts: it can help you save money, cut down on single-use plastic from store-bought ready meals, and have better control over your calorie intake. Like reusable water bottles, which lunch box to choose is a question of preference and what you plan to put inside. Jordan’s been using the same stretchy neoprene lunch box since high school, but has her eye on the Huski Home option below if her neoprene companion gives out (it’s looking unlikely, though). Pro tip: bring your own utensils from home – there is no need to buy a “sustainable” to-go utensil set. Try the Duck Egg Rice Husk Lunch Box by Huski Home - @huskihome
  4. A Sturdy Tote Bag Due to overproduction and high water usage, cotton tote bags are not as sustainable as everyone seems to think. Fortunately, companies like Wyatt & Jack are doing the extraordinary: collecting popped pool toys, decommissioned bouncy castles, and air mattresses that have been given the boot, and transforming them into one-of-a-kind handbags. You're welcome. Try the Mini Shopper Zip Tote or the Airbed XL Tote by Wyatt & Jack - @wyattandjack
  5. Glasslock Premium Food Storage Boxes, 18 Piece Set @glasslockeu Last but not least, a good set of food storage containers will help encourage behaviours like cooking delicious homemade meals and properly storing the leftovers, reducing both packaging and food waste in one go. This set from Glasslock is scratch, stain, and odour resistant, BPA free, and oven-, microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe. Pro tip: don’t want to buy food storage containers? Upcycle glass pasta sauce and peanut butter jars instead! Buy from Ecohuman

When transitioning to a low-waste lifestyle, it is good to keep in mind that achieving lasting change takes time. You will still have days where producing rubbish is inevitable. There may also be financial barriers, as plastic-free alternatives often cost more money. That said, this is a journey – don’t stress and have fun discovering new products and different ways of doing things along the way!

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