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đź‘” Top UK sustainable clothing brands

These days, it would appear sustainability is really starting to catch on. Electric car charging ports are popping up everywhere. There are officially 27 vegan dairy alternatives on the market (okay not officially, but you can now buy potato milk). And Nando’s is going…carbon neutral? But one industry that seems to be struggling a bit more than the rest is the fashion industry.

Contributing between 8-10% of global carbon emissions, the fashion industry is plagued with greenwashing. Major fast fashion brands promise we can have it all - the latest trends at the lowest prices; and now, it’s “sustainable” too!

In reality, the churning out of hundreds of thousands of recycled polyester clothing items does not make up for the abysmally low quality, absurdly long supply chains (and their resulting greenhouse gas emissions), or lack of overall transparency pertaining to the ethical treatment and compensation of garment workers for which the fashion industry is notorious.

Luxury brands aren’t innocent either. While the quality and price point of luxury goods promises greater longevity and more intentional shopping, the luxury industry was rocked by scandal earlier this year when TikToker Anna Sacks (@thetrashwalker) shared a video exposing multiple “unsaleable” Coach bags that had been slashed and disposed of.

Fortunately however, buying sustainable clothing is possible. We’ve rounded up five British brands that are getting things right from materials to manufacture and everything in between.



Tom Kay, a dedicated British surfer and lifelong lover of the sea, founded clothing brand Finisterre in 2003 when sustainable clothing was well ahead of its time.

Finisterre’s raison d’être is

“to inspire a love of the sea and to protect it together.”

They do this by making “functional and sustainable” clothing with people who love the sea in mind. Finisterre offers comprehensive men’s and women’s collections, as well as accessories for your next outdoor adventure—fingers crossed for 2022!

A registered B Corporation, the company prioritises the use of natural, renewable, and recyclable fibres in their production, including linen, natural rubber, wool, organic cotton, and an impressive variety of regenerated fibres. They have also offered a repair program for not one, not two, but over ten years. Talk about leadership.

Demonstrating a commitment to transparency clear as day, Finisterre also publishes an annual positive impact report, which you can check out on their website.

Finisterre is not only an industry veteran but an inspiration when it comes to dressing sustainably in the UK.



Turning our attention to the great outdoors, sustainable clothing brand Silverstick writes on their website:

“Silverstick creates sustainable organic cotton clothing purpose-built for the natural habitats outdoor people love to play in.”

From Silverstick, you’ll find clothing that is ethically produced in an annually audited factory in Turkey, in addition to certain items which are produced in the UK, building up local skills and employment.

The items are made from organic cotton grown nearby their factory in Turkey, and fine wool blends that include British wool.

The company uses innovative production techniques that eliminate garment shrinkage and prevent sizing and washing inconsistencies, as well as low-impact dyes that do not contain harmful substances.

Additionally, clothes are printed with water based inks nearby to their base in Lewes, reducing emissions.

British Boxers


“Quality and style that stands the test of time”

Making sure that what you put underneath your sustainable clothes is also sustainable is a whole other endeavour. Thankfully, British Boxers is up to the task.

Founded and owned by Deborah Price and named in honour of her great, great, great grandfather – first World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Jem Mace – British Boxers makes classic underwear and loungewear from premium cottons.

Everything is designed in Staffordshire, England and is

“manufactured with minimal waste in both Great Britain and Europe at factories where people are not only highly skilled, but paid properly, too.”

“Quality and style that stands the test of time” is what you can expect when you purchase underwear and loungewear from British Boxers.



As mentioned earlier in this article, luxury accessories are not always the greenest option for the sustainably-minded who also appreciate fashion.

Enter LUXTRA, a conscious luxury brand (and B Corporation!) specialising in premium accessories made in Italy from ecological vegan leather alternatives.

Founded in 2018 by serial ethical entrepreneur Jessica Kruger, LUXTRA is leading positive change in fashion through the use of wildly innovative materials that are cruelty-free and made from organic waste, reducing the need for petroleum in vegan leather alternatives.

From Piñatex® (made from waste pineapple leaf fibre) to surplus mangoes to organic cactus leaves that save vast amounts of water due to not requiring irrigation, LUXTRA accessories tread lightly.

It’s also pretty cool to say your bag is made from apples (take our word for it!).

Rubbish London


Last but not least, Rubbish London proudly states their brand is “rubbish.” This is because their clothing is made from recycled cotton, recycled ocean plastic, and scrap and waste material where possible.

Offering a variety of Gen Z-ready oversized sweatshirts, t-shirts, and tanks, Rubbish London has even innovated a 100% recycled cotton sweater that doesn’t require the addition of other materials to strengthen the fabric - a real game changer.

Moreover, the prints are created with water-based inks and other PVC-free, vegan-friendly materials, and the product descriptions clearly state what goes into every item of clothing, which is also made to order to reduce waste.

On the ethical side of things, Rubbish London clothing is manufactured in member factories of the Fair Wear Foundation which ensures that all factory workers are paid a living wage. They have also created and sold collections to raise money for the NHS, Black Lives Matter & The Grenfell Foundation.

If you’re looking for fun casual wear with a conscience, Rubbish London is a great choice.

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